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NEW DELHI, 16 August 2013 - Honorary Consular Corps Diplomatique (HCCD) India, a body formed out of the Vienna Convention got together today, to pledge their support for UNICEF’s programs in India.

To mark the beginning of this partnership, Mr. Vivek Burman, President HCCD and its board members presented a cheque of Rupees Five Lakhs to UNICEF India Representative, Mr. Louis-Georges Arsenault at a launch organised in UNICEF House, New Delhi. The event was organised in the presence of Consuls Hon’ble Dr. Sanjay Dewan, Hon’bleMr.PurrshottamBhaggeria,Hon’ble Dr. Janice Darbari, Hon’bleMr. K L Ganju, Hon’bleMr.AshishSaraf,Hon’bleMr. Kamal Kumarand Hon’ble Dr. Rajesh J Aeren

HCCD consisting of 67 members across 8 cities in Indiahave for the first time come together to support a cause in India. The efforts to engage with UNICEF to support its programs will also be made at state levels.

UNICEF India acknowledged the support and sees a large potential in engaging with HCCD members to highlight issues related to children and garner support for its programs.

In his message to World Federation of Consuls in April 2013 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vienna Convention, the Secretary General of the United Nations appreciated the role and contribution of the consular relations in the promotion of harmony and cooperation among states.

About Honorary Consular Corps Diplomatique:
The Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations between countries, which states that relations can be established as a Consulate instead of an Embassy. The Head of Statewill receive the appointment of the Honorary Consul General as the Head of Mission of the Consulate.

Honorary Consular Corps Diplomatique-India (HCCD-India) was formed in 1995 topromote and strengthen mutual understanding between Honorary Consular officers and to develop a framework and basis for exchange of information, ideas and suggestions with an aim to enhance International relations.

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